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  • Krishnamurti, Thought is the enemy

    Original footage by Andrea Leonessa

  • Ife

    Design and animation by Betsy Kopmar

  • Live at Piattaforma Fantastica #36

    Video by Ursss

  • Live at FORMA Free Music Impulse #8

  • Solo live in Venice

    Video by DANTO Production

  • Bias

    Video by Ursss

  • Hysteresis II

    Video and post production by Giulio Nocera

  • Live at Claustre Renaixentista

    Video by Damià Jordà

  • Giovanni Lami - Enrico Malatesta

    Cinematography and editig by Daniele Pezzi

  • Khora /terrace solo

    Video by Kostas Chondros