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WMfY stands for Weird Music For Yoga and whilst at first glance seeming conceptually odd, it is in fact quite simple. It is music composed for a yoga practice that Giovanni is performing in yoga schools.

It's "weird" because it is not related in any way to the kind of music you would normally associated with yoga, such as "new age" or "ethnic" sounds. Instead, Giovanni's take on it treads a darker path than what you'd normally relate to yoga and meditation.

It was performed using lots of sound sources and centered around a laptop. The sound pallette includes acoustic instruments such as a shruti box, two singing bowls, a kalimba processed through contact mics or dynamic mics, some "noise boxes" (hand made boxes made of different materials with a small speaker inside, placed around the room and controlled through DAW), analog effects and a mixer used to control each track.

This small work is compiled specifically for Audio Gourmet and fits perfectly with our original concept of fifteen minute EPs; it's not a fraction over or under fifteen minutes. Normally when Giovanni performs this music for the practice of yoga, everything is longer and more relaxed in time, yet for WMfY, everything was recorded at his studio with the timeframe constraints Audio Gourmet releases apply specifically in mind. Almost immediately an idea came to mind: as you may notice from the names of each track, they are loops. You can listen to each of them in loop and they will not have any end, this is why the start could seem strong in some way.
Perhaps they could be referred to mantras if you prefer although Giovanni prefers to distance himself from the word, instead calling them 'cycles'.
The work is best listened to at mid/low volume without headphones if possible, as this is the intended setting that the artist recommends for the best response.

So whilst this EP could be deemed too short for the practice of yoga itself, Giovanni Lami has cleverly woven in the capacity for them to be transformed into 'cycles' that are suitable for yoga sessions in the form of loops.
Listened to in their standard form, as an Audio Gourmet EP, it is indeed weird music for yoga since the period of relaxation is over all too soon...

Cover and tracks pictures by Mustafa Sabbagh

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