split C-40
Felt Collective


Sublamp / Giovanni Lami
SPLIT (Felt 6)

Edition of 50 hand-numbered ferrik cassettes.
Released 7 Dec 2012.

Felt Collective.


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Beach Sloth / 2012

Time is transfigured on this infinity-based split. Each artist focuses on the stopping of time. Movement of both of these pieces is barely perceivable. What happens is the entire cloud of sound hovers. After each repetition the music gets marginally closer and closer to a slightly different melody, though it requires extremely intense listening to even notice this sort of thing. Both Sublamp and Giovanni Lami’s approach though differs dramatically from each other making the split something of a ‘happy/sad’ scenario. Sublamp begins like a sped-up version of :Zoviet*France. The tone is uniformly positive. Everything in the song is completely bright. Upon the constant incessant repetition the music reveal a deeper bubbly melody hidden deep within the constant flow. From the giant slab of music tiny counter rhythms begin to form. Eventually Sublamp lets a large amount of noisy distortion into the mix to ruin the infinite rush towards the sun. By the very end he returns to a ghostly echo of the beginning. Giovanni Lami takes a much more unsettling approach to the work. Sounding reminiscent of ‘Illusion of Safety’ he dwells within the sub-range. Upon the introduction of this sense of dread comes extremely harsh noise. For the first half it is menacing with field recordings thrown into the mix. In the latter half Giovanni Lami delivers something truly amazing, suspended noise over heavy bass frequencies not dissimilar to Mika Vainio’s solo work. Overall it is a beast of a split. Each side reinforces the other side the light and the darkness the happiness and the sadness.